Tuesday, 5 April 2011

"Meeting" ng mga MK's

Had a great time bonding and drinking with the Chief of Staff's of Barangay 176, Zone 15 District I, Bagong Silang, Caloocan City. Topic during today's "ceremonial" lunch-drinking was the planned Manaoag-Baguio-Vigan-Laoag-Pagudpud-Baguio-Manila trip this coming April 20 to 24, 2011. It was held at MK7 Lyn Surla's house at Phase 9 Package 1. Attendees were MMK Nanette Adduru, SK Staff Chris, Lyn Surla (MK7) of course, Janice Abejo (MK6), Ulysses Abaca (MK5), Diding Velez (MK4), Jimmy Lorsito (MK3) and yours truly, Waldz Renales (MK1).  K7 Staff Joan Rabulan was also present. Lydia Arciaga (MK2) was absent due to numerous commitment she had to finish today.  Kagawad Joel Bacolod (K1) and Kagawad Tony Cabantac (K7) were also present. Thanks to the warm reception of MK7's husband... hehe..

MK6 Janice Abejo, MK7 Lyn Surla & MMK Nanette Adduru

 MK7 Lyn Surla & MMK Nanette Adduru

MK4 Diding Velez
MK6 Janice Abejo

MK4 Diding Velez and MMK Nanette Adduru

MK3 Jimmy Loristo and MK5 Ulysses Abaca

SK Staff Chris, MK1 Waldz Renales & MK7 Lyn Surla

MMK Nanette Adduru & SK Staff Chris

SK Staff Chris, K7 Staff Joan Rabulan & MK6 Janice Abejo

K7 Staff Joan Rabulan, MK7 Lyn Surla, MK4 Diding Velez, MMK Nanette Adduru & MK6 Janice Abejo

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