Tuesday, 3 November 2009


only recently, i encountered a great trouble handling an event (Barangay Idol) that is regretable indeed... i really really regret being in it, as it is only a waste of time i realized somehow... it was a stupid experience handling and meeting those plastic souls pretending to be "idol" outside... yung iba nga dun matagal ko ng kasama... pero sabi nga, nothing is constant in this world but "change"... biglang nag-transform agad sa plastic... to the extent of some being an "orocan" !!! wheew....in layman's term: ... ah... PLASTICS!!!
on the other hand, its quite a blessing being in that exhaustive silliness... 'cause I chanced upon new personalities whom I can consider "treasure" ... kayo yun JL Guevarra at Jonjie Duzon... Thanks for living in our principles and staying stucked on our "bonding" wahahaha... ewan ko lang sa bonding nila... kung ano maitatawag dun...
parang celfone lang yan eh.. sila yung "china phone" na pirated... maganda lang sa labas pero madaling masira at ma-stroke,.. kayong dalawa naman yung "original" na kahit ibagsak at "ILAGLAG" ng maraming beses eh buhay pa rin at solid na solid!!!
When it comes to talent in singing, no doubt and no questions asked, mas magaling kayo sa kanila!!! Ano? laban na!!! Kantahan na!!! hehehe...
thanks again guys!!!

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